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Driving Disqualified

It is an offence to drive whilst you have been disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence. Disqualifications can be issued by a number of Government authorities and for various reasons. Disqualifications can be from:

  • The Fines Enforcement Branch due to unpaid fines
  • The Department of Transport for incurring 12 or more demerit points [in a 3 year period]
  • The Department of Transport for breaching conditions of a learners permit or a provisional licence
  • or by the Magistrate, District or Supreme Courts for offences of dangerous driving, drink driving and more.

If you drive when you are disqualified, regardless of the type of disqualification, you are committing a very serious offence.

What is extremely important to know is that a person can be liable to a term of imprisonment for this type of offending, even if it is their first offence. Furthermore, a person who is found guilty of committing a second or subsequent offence of this kind, is highly likely to receive a term of imprisonment, with a direction that they be taken into custody on that day. This can obviously have significant consequences on a person in terms of their employment, their future career plans, any overseas travel, and their family and friends.

This offence is serious. It is therefore vital that you obtain sound and informative legal advice about the matter before you are required to attend court. Our lawyers are highly qualified and experienced in this area of law and are more than agreeable to assist you with advice and representation through what can be an very daunting and traumatic process. Please feel free to contact Carter & Co Lawyers today on (08) 8440 2478 to discuss this further.


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