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Our Areas of Law

Criminal Law

If you have been suspected of committing an offence, arrested or charged with a criminal offence, it is essential that you seek the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer. Read More

Driving Disqualified

It is an offence to drive whilst you have been disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence. Disqualifications can be issued by a number of Government authorities and for various reasons.  Read More

Traffic Law, Drivers Licences & Vehicles

In many circumstances losing your driver’s licence can significantly affect your employment, income and family. However in some circumstances, with the right advice, there are ways in which you may be able to avoid this. Read More

Intervention Orders (Restraining Orders)

While being served with an intervention order (commonly referred to as a restraining order’) is a civil matter, breaching an intervention order is a criminal offence which carries a maximum penalty of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for 2 years. Therefore, it is imperative that as soon as you are served with an order, you obtain legal advice about your rights and obligations under the order. Read More

Victims of Crime

If you have been injured (either physically or mentally) as a result of a criminal offence then you may be entitled to claim compensation. Read More

Centrelink Offences

Under Commonwealth legislation, it is an offence for a person to obtain a financial advantage (for themselves or for another person), which they are not eligible to receive from a Commonwealth entity (such as Centrelink). Read More

Children & the Juvenile Justice System

Where a minor is charged, there may be possible alternative ways to resolve the matter outside of the court system. It is recommended that you speak with a solicitor as soon as possible after the incident. Read More

Child Protection Orders

Given that the Youth Court has the lawful power to make wide-ranging orders, which can include removing a child from a parent or guardian’s custody for up to 12 months (or even until the child turns 18 years), we strongly recommend that both the parent\guardian and the child obtain legal advice and representation to ensure their position is considered properly before any final order is made. Read More

Illegal Fishing | Offences against Animals

In the event that you have been charged, or are unsure about what you can and cannot do, we urge you to contact our office and seek the advice of a lawyer before proceeding further. Read More

Security Licences | Disciplinary Action

Carter & Co Lawyers can assist you in applying for a security, crowd controller and\or investigation agent licence or provide you with representation during any disciplinary matters. Read More

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