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Hit and run driver, Dylan Lanc-Quin, apologises


A DRUGGED, speeding and disqualified L-plater has apologised for killing a pedestrian — and asked a court to release him from jail soon so he can rehabilitate.

On Monday, Dylan Michael Lanc-Quin told the District Court he would seek neither a suspended nor home detention sentence for causing the death of Harley Chester by dangerous driving. Instead, his counsel asked for a longer-than-usual period on parole to continue his efforts to better himself — starting with his apology in court to Mr Chester’s twin, Tarita.

“I took away a loving member of the community who cannot be replaced and I’m really sorry ... there’s no excuse for my actions,” Lanc-Quin said from the dock. “I accept full responsibility for what I’ve done, and not a day goes by that I’m not disappointed in myself and sorry for my actions ... there are no excuses. “After I am released, I will make a difference in the community and learn from my mistake ... I will continue working toward being a better person.”

Lanc-Quin, 20, ran down and killed Mr Chester, 28, at Largs North in February 2016 and then fled the scene, running through houses and jumping across roofs to get home. Once at his nana’s house he confessed his involvement, was interviewed by police and found to have three types of illicit drugs, including methylamphetamine and cannabis, in his system. Lanc-Quin was on bail for drunk-driving, which had resulted in the disqualification of his learner’s permit, at the time, and was driving at between 90km/h and 120km/h.

On Monday, Mr Chester’s sister Tarita told Lanc-Quin he had held her “remarkable, wonderful, supportive, loving” twin’s fate in his hands. “I can’t understand how anyone could leave anyone, any human being, so helpless,” she said in her victim impact statement. “You were my brother’s only chance to survive and you walked away ... if you had done the right thing, he might have had a chance. “You have taken the soul of happiness and cheerfulness away from me forever ... you have scarred my soul for life.” She said she still suffered nightmares and flashbacks of the incident — symptoms shared by Lanc-Quin himself, according to his counsel.

Stacey Carter, for Lanc-Quin, said her client’s foolishness had destroyed two young lives and shattered two families, and asked the court to allow him to rebuild. She said prison “is not the best rehabilitation situation” for young men, arguing a long period on parole would benefit Lanc-Quin’s continued effort to improve himself.

Chief Judge Michael Evans remanded Lanc-Quin in custody for sentencing next month.

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