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Man charged with advocating terrorism


A SOUTH Australian man has been charged with advocating terrorism by filming demonstrations on how to kill Jewish people — the first time the charge has been laid in Australia.

Members of the South Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Team, acting on information from the National Security Hotline, arrested the 50-year-old Flinders Park man on Thursday morning. The man, who appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today via a phone link from a high dependency unit in the infirmary at Yatala Labour Prison, has been charged with four counts of advocating terrorism. He allegedly posted videos to social media that encouraged people in international conflict zones to commit terrorist acts.

Commonwealth prosecutor John Clover told the court the four counts relate to four separate videos posted to social media. “In each video the defendant is depicted advocating with other persons to engage in acts of terrorism,” he said. “(The videos) provide explicit verbal instructions as well as physical demonstrations with weapons as to how to kill Jewish people,” he said. “Your honour may detect from the nature of the matter that it’s going to be a complex brief.”

Mr Clover said the four videos along with “text-based materials” each carried the man’s names and could be easily found online. “Each of the videos identify the defendant by name,” he said. “An internet search of the defendant’s name will reveal evidence that is the basis of the allegations.” The man could be heard saying “all lies” from the phone link as Mr Clover spoke. Police will allege the offences occurred between July 28, 2015, and November 4, 2015.

Stacey Carter, for the accused, asked the court order a psychiatric report into his mental health and “ability and fitness to instruct”. “I have had previous experience with my client, and he has previously be found to be unfit,” she said. That report is expected to take at least six weeks to complete.

The court heard the man had previously been based at James Nash House but was expected to remain in Yatala Labour Prison infirmary until Tuesday. “By not applying for bail today, he will remain there,” Ms Carter said.

Ms Carter also sought a suppression on publication of the man’s name and image to “prevent any prejudice to the proper administration of justice”. “The nature of the charge may draw some attention,” she said.

Magistrate Jayanthi McGrath granted the suppression.

Police believe there are no current or impending threats to the Australian community as a result of the man’s activities. He is charged under section 80.2C of the Criminal Code Act 1995, which prohibits advocating the “doing” or “commissioning” of a terrorist act. The man faces a maximum of five years imprisonment for each charge if found guilty. He is next due to appear in court in February, when the suppression on his identity will be reviewe

Police encourage anyone who sees or becomes aware of suspicious or unusual activity to call the National Security Hotline on 1800 1234 00.

Source: Adelaide Now


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