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Ex-bikie Mark Sandery lashes out in Court


Ex-bikie Mark Sandery lashes out in Adelaide Magistrates Court as bail denied in threat to kill case 

A FORMER bikie enforcer threatened a married couple over the sale of a lucrative massage parlour amid claims the threats were actually a reference to the man’s nickname “Killa”, a court has heard. Mark Andrew Sandery, 45, is charged with threatening the lives of Michelle and Stephen Kowalski in December last year over an alleged $30,000 debt. Prosecutors allege that Sandery, who was on bail at the time charged with drug trafficking offences, threatened Mrs Kowalski by telling her she was “f-----”. Sandery, who left the Mongols bikie gang in May last year, is further accused of smashing a car with a cricket bat at the “Killa Kars” business. The business uses the nickname of Mrs Kowalski’s husband of 32 years, a former close friend of Sandery. The Court heard that the misunderstood threats came over a “dispute about money” related to the sale of a massage parlour by Sandery. Sandery, who denies the claims, reacted with fury after his application was rejected, swearing and abusing a magistrate before storming out of his jailhouse video-link suite. Sandery, whom the court has heard was “no longer connected to the groups that he was”, has yet to plead to one count each of an aggravated threat to kill or endanger life. The court heard Sandery, who had been working part-time at a refrigeration company, had ridden on his pushbike to the couple’s house, near his Semaphore home in Adelaide’s west. They alleged that he told her: “I will get you, I will kill you — you are nothing but a slut and I’ll get you.” During his bail application Sandery's barrister, Stacey Carter, said her client had only said to her “you’re f-----”, which was reference to a civil claim to recoup money owed from the sale. She said he had gone to their house because the couple had ignored his phone calls about payment and that a neighbour had witnessed the conversation. The court heard he had already won almost $50,000 in a legal judgment against the couple and was fighting for a further $30,000. Magistrate Foley rejected the application due to the seriousness of the charges. Sandery’s lawyers have flagged a bail appeal. 

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