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Reduce criminal penalties for early guilty pleas


Adelaide Courts are reducing criminal sentences for early guilty pleas  

Reason why it is important to obtain early legal advice on criminal charges

It has been a common practice in criminal matters, that an accused person will receive a discount for pleading guilty, this is because it is said that it demonstrates the persons remorse and contrition and saves the courts time and expense.  In the case of an offence where there is an alleged victim, in some cases this may be a child, it saves the alleged victim from any suffering and trauma that may be caused from having to give evidence during a trial.

The courts now offer discounts as high as 40% for an early guilty plea generally within 4 weeks of the persons first court hearing and as little as no discount for very late pleas.

We at Carter & Co Lawyers keep up to date with new changes and know how important it is to provide this advice and ensure that all persons are aware of their entitlements and rights before the courts. This only enhances the importance of obtaining legal advice on your matter as soon as possible to ensure the best representation and advice is afforded to you at an early stage.

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